About Us

Bathroom Renovationis basically a culmination of efforts by the company’s Founder member, Ben.

Ben started his career journey as a Tiler and eventually, after learning the tricks of the trade started a Tiling team on his own.

Gradually, experience, expertise and knowhow built up the team’s profile and to date they have carried out more than 500 Tiling projects both in the residential and commercial space.

Now it was just naturally progressional and moving ahead, Ben decided to delve full-fledged into Bathroom renovations. And with this vision in mind, Bathroom Renovationwas founded in the year 2014. And ever since, Ben and his able, talented team members have engaged in more than 50 projects pertaining to this service catering to individual homes, builders, commercial spaces and even companies.

At Bathroom Renovation, we have a clear-cut motto and that is, ‘Stop paying too much, engage Bathroom Renovationfor renovations starting from as less as $8999 because we know that our competitors charge a lot more than this.’

As a Project consultant, Ben, believes that, communication is the very basis of delivering a good job. And therefore, he manages, coordinates, assigns and plans the different work processes all by himself. With this, he stays on course and is in charge of the different facets of the work.

Bathroom Renovation extends its service operations to the Gold Coast Metro neighbourhood and to anywhere within a 50 kms radius.

And who are the Bathroom Renovationteam’s Target Audience?

For complete bathroom renovation work, we target:

  • High-end customers, clients who are busy at work and have no time to schedule and consult with the many tradesmen who undertake bathroom renovations and repairs.
  • Target clients who have major expectations and seek faultless service and impeccably renovated bathrooms.
  • Customers who are new and have no prior information or knowledge about what goes into a renovation, the time taken and budget etc.

If you want to experience and showcase beautifully, renovated Bathrooms that fit and suit your budget and requirements, then Bathroom Renovationit is!

Want to talk? Interact with the folks at Bathroom Renovation? Then call us on 0411 314 748. You may even choose to email us at johnwillamau@gmail.com